About Us

The Kocaeli Chamber of Industry was established on 22th of June in 1989 as Turkey’s 11th Chamber of Industry.
Then, as now, it was mandated to look after the common needs of its membership. Today with a staff of 30 people the Chamber serves some 3.474 members from its headquarters and four branch offices around the province.
Besides the services demanded by law such as, but not limited to ; national and international projects, training events and consultancies, trade fairs, exhibitions, associates, match making programs  etc, the Kocaeli Chamber of Industry also develops and supports many social and cultural activities.
Its geographical extent lies within the borders of Kocaeli Province and includes the districts of Izmit, Basiskele, Cayirova, Darica, Derince, Dilovasi, Gebze, Golcuk, Kandira, Karamursel, Kartepe and Korfez.