It is responsible for providing the inter-office and external communications of the Chairman, organizing the daily tasks, meetings and travels, conducting the filing and document processes of the Executive Board.

The Relevant Person:

T: + 90 262 315 80 03


Secretary General 
The Secretariat General is the administrator responsible for carrying out internal chamber administration according to Statute 5174 and the Chamber Executive Board. He is responsible for the management and control of the staff. Within the framework of the authority of regulation, Assembly and Executive Board, he is responsible for obtaining the Chamber organs make their duties completely and he is responsible for taking measures for these duties to be done completely.

The Executive Assistant:

T: + 90 262 315 80 09

Deputy Secretary General

She is responsible for Business Development, Human Resources and Quality Services. She follows and executes the development of the industry and the regional development projects. She coordinates the creation of opinions about all legislations affecting the real sector. She conducts the Chairmanship of Project Management of the Specialized Vocational Training Centers.

Deputy Secretary General

He is responsible for the Member Services, the Financial Affairs and the Agencies of the Chamber. He follows and coordinates all the activities related to the international relations process of the Chamber and conducts the representation of DEIK (Foreign Economic Relations Board)


This unit’s activities comprise four main areas which are; informing industrial enterprises, research studies, project development and international relations. These activities are determined by the strategic objectives of the Chamber.


This unit is responsible for the foreign expansion tasks of our members, responsible for organizing the foreign commercial delegations’ visits, foreign fairs and B2B event participations. Consequently, it provides the Chamber’s membership with forieign trade opportunities.
It is responsible for the Chamber’s best annual bilateral business meetings event called “Match4Industry”. With this event, Turkish companies and various countries’ companies meet and take cooperation opportunities.

The International Business Relations Unit holds country days and within this context it aims to inform members about foreign markets and foreign business opportunities. Countries from different continents of the world are presented to members and in this context, the unit works in cooperation with DEIK ( The Foreign Economical Relations Board ), Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economy Turkey Contact Point, some business development agencies of countries etc. International Business Relations Unit welcomes foreign delegations i.e the Ambassadors and Consul Generals in Turkey, gives brief informations about the industry of Kocaeli and the business opportunies in Kocaeli.

The unit organises visits by various countries’ Commercial Counsellors of countries in Turkey. It promotes the Chamber’s international activities to the Counsellors and provides mutual business cooperations. It cooperates with the Commercial Counsellors particularly for B2B events i.e Match4Industry and also for mutual meetings for EU Counsellors of countries.

The Relevant Person:

T: + 90 262 315 80 56


Contact Meetings : The department provides mostly SMEs with information about the current developments that effect business life. In order to help them to adapt to economic and legal changes, it organizes meetings, seminars, workshops, etc.
Searches : The monthly surveys provide a view of the region’s economic and social improvement ad prepares along with sector and search reports aimed at the region.
One of the basic duties of Kocaeli Chamber of Industry is forming the Chamber aspects and passing them to the relevant authorities to create the public. In order to remove the obstacles that are in front of the industrialists, the aspects about various laws, regulations and drafts which come from the Professional Committees are the major activities.
Projects: Project based works for regional development has been undertaken by the unit. Regional development projects are also executed with the support of Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization (KOSGEB) and East Marmara Development Agency.
Environment: Environment is an important issue in Kocaeli which is Turkey’s second largest industrial city and where 13% of Turkey’s manufacturing industry resides. In this context, the environmental regulations are followed and training, information and consulting activities are carried out by the unit. In order to promote environmental awareness to our industrialists, the Sahabettin Bilgisu Environment Awards Organization has been formed.
The Award Organizations: Chamber’s award ceremonies are conducted by the unit. Sectoral Performance Assessment Organization and Sahabettin Bilgisu Environment Awards events are two important award ceremonies that held each year. The phases of the organization from the introduction of the event, on receipt of the applications, to the announcement are all carried out by the department.
The European Union Information Center : Coordination of the European Union Information Center and Erasmus Plus Regional Representation are carried out by the unit. In this context, projects and activities are created and conducted towards the dissemination of EU awareness among the young people and the industrialists of our region.

The Relevant People:

T: + 90 262 315 80 55 
T: + 90 262 315 80 56 



Ensures that the applications of the industrial manufacturers registered by the Trade Registrar are evaluated, and the applicants are registered in accordance with the member registration regulations. They are also responsible for preparing the fee exemption letters for the overseas journeys of members.

The Relevant Person:

T:+ 90 262 315 80 41 


It is responsible for giving certificates to the industrial operations ( Capacity Reports, Consumption Reports, The Reports Which Are Needed By The Customs House), occupations about the closing down the incitements, following up the export processes, raw materials, auxiliary product, spare part, undertaking material, preparing the requests about the machine and installation within the import regulations and transfer them to the allocation resources, executing ATR1, EUR1 Certificates and confirming Certificate Of Origin.

The Relevant People:

T: + 90 262 315 80 65
T: + 90 262 315 80 67


It is responsible for arranging/organizing and carrying out the Chamber’s accounting, preparation of the budget and balance sheet; assessment & collecting of the member dues and it is responsible for the purchasing activities of the Chamber.

The Relevant Person:

T: +90 262 315 80 53


It is responsible for the Chamber building, responsible for providing protection and maintenance of the transportation vehicles, fixtures, building materials and related technical equipments and provides protection with optimal use. It manages the Chamber’s technological infrastructure.

The Relevant Person:

T: + 90 262 315 80 53


It prepares the agenda of Professional Committee meetings and provides their coordination. It is responsible for organizing the Professional Committees Mutual Meeting, Professional Commitees Award Ceremony and Chambers Mutual Professional Committees meetings’ organization. It is responsible for providing the coordination of The Provincial Young Entrepreneurs Board.

The Relevant Person:

T: + 90 262 315 80 62 


Organizes social and cultural activities, it executes social responsibility projects
It provides the reporting of the Chamber activities as weekly, monthly, annually. It provides the following and archiving of the national-local news in which featuring the Chamber. It participates in the creation of visual and printed promotional materials for the Chamber.
It is responsible for the distribution of the Chamber’s monthly magazine “ODAVIZYON” to individuals and to institutions.

It organizes The Assembly, the Disciplinary Board, the General Assembly of TOBB, the TOBB Industry Council, the Mutual Meeting of The Provincial Chambers, the Special Commission meetings and fulfills all secretarial services.
It is responsible for registering and doing the paperwork of all sorts of printed documents, e-mails and is responsible for relevant parties. It regulates the general archive of the Chamber and makes follow-up.

The Relevant People:

T: + 90 262 315 80 63 
T: +90 262 315 80 60


It conducts personnel management which has human resource management functions within it, such as; business analysis, training management, performance management, career planning, recognition and the reward system works. It carries out the Specialized Vocational Training Centers Project operations. (www.umem.org.tr)

The Relevant Person:

T: +90 262 315 80 45