Contact Meetings:The department provides mostly SMEs informing about the current developments that effect the business life. In order to provide them to adapt in economic and legal changes, it organizes meetings, seminars, workshops, etc.
Searches: The monthly surveys which will provide the region’s economical and social improvement are prepared. Sector and search reports aiming at the region are prepared.
One of the basic duties of Kocaeli Chamber of Industry is forming the Chamber aspects and passing them to the relevant authorities to create the public. In order to remove the obstacles that are in front of the industrialists, the aspects about various laws, regulations and drafts which come from the Professional Committees are the major activities.
Projects: Project based works for regional development has been undertaken by the unit. Regional development projects are also created and executed with support of Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization (KOSGEB) and East Marmara Development Agency.
Environment: Environment is an important issue in Kocaeli which is Turkey’s second largest industrial city and where 13% of Turkey’s manufacturing industry are produced. In this context, the environmental regulations are followed and training, information, consulting activities are carried out by the unit. In order to promote our industrialists about the environmental awareness, Sahabettin Bilgisu Environment Awards Organization is organized.
The Award Organizations: Chamber’s award ceremonies are conducted by the unit. Sectoral Performance Assessment Organization and Sahabettin Bilgisu Environment Awards events are two important award ceremonies that held each year. The phases of the organization from the introduction of the event, on receipt of the applications, to the announcement are all carried out by the department.
The European Union Information Center : Coordinatorship of the European Union Information Center and Erasmus Plus Regional Representation are carried out by the unit. In this context, projects and activities are created and conducted towards the dissemination of the EU awareness among the young people and the industrialists of our region.

The Relevant People:

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