Organizes social and cultural activities, it executes social responsibility projects
It provides the reporting of the Chamber activities as weekly, monthly and as annual. It provides the following and archiving of the national-local news in which the Chamber takes place. It takes place in the creation of visual and printed promotional materials of the Chamber.
It is responsible for the distribution of the Chamber’s monthly magazine “ODAVIZYON” to individuals and to institutions.
It organizes The Assembly, the Disciplinary Board, the General Assembly of TOBB, TOBB Industry Council, the Mutual Meeting of The Provincial Chambers, the Special Commission meetings and fulfills all secretarial services.
It is responsible for registering and doing the paperwork of all sorts of printed document, e-mails and responsible for their delivery to the relevants. It regulates the general archive of the Chamber and makes follow-up.

The Relevant People:

Sema K. Altın T: + 90 262 315 80 63 
Zehra Akyol T: +90 262 315 80 60 
Gülten Erdem T: +90 262 315 80 00