Şahabettin Bilgisu Environmental Awards

For many years it has been the KCI’s mission to contribute to the development of environmental consciousness in the locality. After cooperating with TUBİTAK-MAM research centre on industry-related environmental problems in Kocaeli from 1975 onwards, the KCI has arranged special environmental-awards competitions for industrial institutions since 1995.
Any industrial facility active in the Marmara region, committed to sustainable improvement processes, aiming to apply, or working to develop an existing environmental management system, may participate in the awards scheme. The Environment and Encouragement Awards may be presented to enterprises of any scale. The Environmental Award is presented to the facility which of all participants most satisfies the requirements of the general evaluation criteria. As a further incentive, recipients of the distinction are granted a reduction when delivering waste materials to the İZAYDAŞ (Hazardous and Clinical Waste Incineration) Facility.