Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives

Our Environmental Targets and Aims:

The reduction of Natural Resource Consumption

Per capita consumption of electricity at 1.7 kW/hr.

Per capita water consumption at 0.005 ton/hr.

Absolute Waste Monitoring and Reduction

To increase the number of firms dealing via the waste-marketing scheme from 350 (in 2005) to 625 or more this year.

To increase awareness of human health and environmental issues.

To guarantee eight man/hours of environmental-awareness training and development to all our employees and to the workers of companies subcontracted to the Chamber.

To arrange training and activities which promote Environmental Awareness.

To implement the KCI Sahabettin Bilgisu Environmental Awards Scheme.

To organise at least one conference for the benefit of our members whose central theme shall be related to environmental issues.