The Chambers General Assembly comprises members of professional committees elected to their posts for four year terms. These five-man committees chose two of their number each to represent them on the Assembly, plus a reserve member to stand-in for them. The Assembly itself chooses a four-year term president from its own members, plus one or two vice-presidents.

Regarding individuals voted as members to the Assembly, those acting as representatives of corporate bodies or other official entities, appointed to the assemblies of chambers or of exchanges operating in the same field, or with chambers established under Law 507 (July 17 1964), may only execute duties for just one of the aforementioned bodies.

Hasan Tahsin TUGRUL 

President of KCI  Assembly

Vice-President: Mr.İbrahim GUNGOR 

Vice-President: Mr. Mehmet BASOL
Keeper of the Minutes :ATALAY KAYA has been voted 


Duties of the Assembly:

A) To select members for the chambers Board of Directors and its Disciplinary Committee.
B) To select from its own members representatives to sit on the unified general committee.
C) To study and reach decisions on recommendations from the Board of Directors
D) To take the most appropriate, professional decisions.
E) To determine and promote commercial and industrial common usage and practice within the workplace.
F) To study and ratify the monthly balance and transfer requests.
G) To establish bodies of arbitration in order to settle disputes between members or arising from contractual issues, and approve the lists of experts and arbitrators desired by the courts.
H) To ratify the fines and disciplinary actions recommended by the Disciplinary Committee against registered members of the Chamber.
I) To ratify the annual budget and definite accounts, and to absolve the Board of Directors by instigating legal proceedings against culpable persons.
J) To take decisions on the sale, purchase, construction, allocation, mortgaging or amalgamation of real estate; on debt collection, nationalization issues or on the rendering of educational services, or (in accordance with established laws and statutes), on the establishment of companies and trusts, or on partnership arrangements between the chamber and other companies or institutions.
K) To decide on internal directives in the chamber and present the approval of the association.
L) To investigate any objections against the status allocated to any particular member of the Chamber or against the obligations of registration as determined by the Board of Directors and reach a clear, binding decision thereupon.
M) To establish specialist commissions and consultancies as required by professional bodies and particular problems.
N) To become members of industrial, commercial and economic institutions at home and abroad and send delegates to congresses

O) To cease pursuing credit that has proved uncollectible, and, on behalf of the chamber and members, examine the recommendations of the Board of Directors concerning credit/deadline waivers or renewals for members who, (due to death, quitting the business or natural disaster such as fire, flood or earthquake) are unable to settle membership fees or, through force majeure and against their own will, fall into dire financial straits; to ratify said recommendations and invest the Board with the power to do whatever is deemed necessary.

P) To grant honorary membership, on the consent of one third of the assembly members, to whoever performs outstanding service for the national economy or for the chamber.
Q) To fulfill any other duties as required by law.
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