It is responsible for giving certificates to the industrial operations ( Capacity Reports, Consumption Reports, The Reports Which Are Needed By The Customs House), occupations about the closing down the incitements, following up the export processes, raw materials, auxiliary product, spare part, undertaking material, preparing the requests about the machine and installment within the import regulations and transfer them to the allocation recourses, executing ATR1, EUR1 Certificates and confirming Certificate Of Origin.
Veysel Akyıldız T: + 90 262 315 80 43 E: vakyildiz@kosano.org.tr
Hatıra Yılmaz T: + 90 262 315 80 64 E: hyilmaz@kosano.org.tr
Hanife Odabaş T: + 90 262 315 80 52 E: hodabas@kosano.org.tr