Executive Board



The Chamber’s Board of Directors, voted in every four years, comprises 11 members of the General Assembly.  The President is chosen from a single list comprising all the assembly’s original and substitute members.  In addition, one or two vice-presidents are selected for four-year terms from the assembly’s own members, and a treasurer is elected likewise.



                    Ayhan ZEYTINOGLU 
                Board Chairman


Duties of the Board of Directors


A)                To execute its responsibilities according to the law and abiding by the decisions of the General Assembly



B)                To present its recommendations and attendant reports concerning the budget, expenses and transfers to the General Assembly


C)                To present its monthly accounts audit to the General Assembly for study and ratification.


D)                To decide on personnel recruitment, promotion, transfer or firing.


E)                To determine the investigative procedure of the Disciplinary Committee, and ratify the appropriacy of the recommended fines and penalties according to law.


F)                 To prepare lists of arbitrators, consultants, specialists and experts and present same for the General Assembly’s approval.


G)                To ratify documents recommended by law


H)                To prepare and present to the Assembly an annual report on the Chamber’s activities, and on the region’s economical and industrial situation.


I)                    To present to the Assembly a prepared internal directive for the Chamber.


J)                 To carry out all manner of commercial and industrial study, to prepare indices and statistics on commercial and industrial activities; to follow and record the market prices of goods determined by the Assembly and to publicise their findings via the most appropriate means.


K)                To decide upon personnel disciplinary issues according to the letter of the law


L)                 To reward high-level tax payers, exporters and technology-developers amongst the Chamber’s membership.


M)               To support, encourage, assist and take part in social activities that fall within the scope of the budget, and (with the approval of the Assembly) grant scholarships and arrange educational courses.


N)                To elect arbitrators or arbitration commissions.


O)                To fulfil any other duty required of a chamber by law and not specified as the duty of any particular body.