Foreign Trade

Parallel progress may be observed in the region’s manufacturing industry within national exports as a whole. 12% of Turkey’s foreign trade is generated in Kocaeli. The share of industrial export reaches around 80-85%. In our research focusing especially on export unions, the manufacturing companies have recorded a total export figure for the region that is determined at $5,806,897,609, which this amount gives Kocaeli a 9.2% share in Turkey’s total exports.


Figures obtained from the Foreign Trade Under-secretary’s office Show an export total of


$2,080,294 in Kocaeli, and $63,087,424,000 nationwide.
As 450 of the industrial enterprises operating in Kocaeli have their head-offices in other cities, principally Istanbul, the DİE (State Institute of Statistics) does not include figures relating to such enterprises in the overall regional totals, thus making them appear a little impoverished.