How Waste Market works?




The Waste Market Scheme was implemented by the KCI Environment Consultancy. Firms wishing to trade waste will receive information after completing the Waste Market Miscellaneous Information Form and submitting this to the KCI.

Announcements are also made to all manufacturers via the Waste Market Bulletin, published at specified intervals by the KCI. In fact, announcements of this kind are publicised on the KCI and TOBB websites for international perusal. Potential buyers of waste materials may contact the KCI Waste Market Centre via fax, phone or internet to obtain information on the availability of materials and potential sellers thereof.


It is a gentleman’s agreement but a basic principle nonetheless that firms dealing via the Waste Market give details of all materials so exchanged by means of the waste evaluation/identification form. In this way the total annual volume of waste traded by the Market may be calculated. The responsibility to supply details of sold/used materials is accepted by buyers and sellers alike.

The KCI Waste Market has been approved as operating within Law No 2872 (Recyclable Waste) and regulations based thereupon, and thereby to be in accordance with the specifications and conditions of any legal code concerned with environmental management.