Business Opportunities In Kocaeli



This Turkish company which we will call ‘TC001’ has been established since 2011 and quickly gained a place in the metal and aluminium processing industry. The owner of the company is a successful woman entrepreneur and has won many sectoral awards. The company is running mechanical operations in the field of aluminium and metal profiles. It offers horizontal and vertical computer numerical control (CNC) aluminium and metal machining.


TC001 is a solution partner in defence, aerospace and the yacht equipment sectors and offering tumbling, polishing, grinding, staining (satin finish brushing), brushing and blasting services.


The company is ready to perform mechanical operations on aluminium profiles under subcontracting agreements.





Another Turkish company which we shall call ‘TC002’ is an innovative producer of primary requirements of the construction industry, focused on mounting, insulation, filling and sealant applications. The company’s specialty is the production of value added aerosol PU foams; silicone, polyurethane and hybrid based sealants and adhesives. Although the company’s products are geared more towards professionals, there are many innovative alternatives in its portfolio for household users.


The company’s mission is to offer not-before-released innovative products to its end-users at affordable prices. R&D is at the core of the company’s activities; as a first step, a laboratory with vast production and analysis capabilities has been instituted for this purpose. By this means, the company has obtained an effective quality control system.


TC002 offers different solutions for automotive, wall&ceiling, glass&mirror, door&window, wood&furniture, marine, sanitary and home users.


The company is offering its products to distributors from European countries and abroad which could help the company to introduce its products into their respective local markets.





TC003 was established in 1997 in order to manufacture machines, technical and spare parts for iron, steel, cement and mining sector. The company offers economically viable solutions for meltshops and rolling mills and also provides engineering services at European standards.


TC003 focuses on high process flexibility, increased productivity while improving energy efficiency and the quality of the finished products to meet environmental requirements at a minimum cost and better coordination of process/environmental requirements.


The company is looking for commercial agents that are already supplying to the iron, steel, cement and mining industries.





TC004 was established in 1971 in order to produce top quality engineering plastics. The company develops customized solutions using engineering plastics, elastomers and other composites.


TC004 has several registered trademarks. One of them is a type of polyamide with outstanding properties due to its cross-linked molecular structure. Due to its high molecular weight, crystallized structure and cross-links, the company’s product is a hard plastic that is resistant to abrasion. The product is an engineering plastic that is used commonly in manufacturing due to its excellent mechanical, physical, chemical and electrical properties. It can easily replace aluminium, copper, bronze, steel, fiber, brass and other metals in a wide range of applications.


The company offers engineering products for railway, construction, mining, heavy equipment, chemical, petroleum, machinery, iron&steel, automotive, energy, textile, food, pharma, marine, pulp and paper industries by providing guides, pads, pulleys, sheaves, bearings, bushes, rollers and linings. These products are used in remote control booms, telescopic cranes, stabilizing feet, loaders and excavators, overhead work platforms, railway cranes, overhead cranes, vehicle lifts, steel rope pulleys in elevators, etc.


The company is looking for commercial agents and distributors. Potential partners should already be supplying to relevant industries.





TC005 was established in 1995 in order to produce high quality steel casting parts such as high chrome and high manganese alloyed steel casting. The company’s products cater to all kind of stone crushers, cement industry and concrete industry. The company has approximately 4000 patterns for different sectors. Starting from fundamentals, they provide the following services.


*Projection, production and mounting the modernization of the mills in the cement industry.

*Modify and reproduce corroded parts of every kind of grinding and crusher machines in certain conditions.

*Producing corroded parts in concrete plants and pumps.

*Producing pick helves, adaptors, dippers and other spare parts and their connecting tools of the working machines.


The company is looking for commercial agencies in the EU that are already supplying to the concrete, cement and heavy industry sectors.





TC006 was established in 1979 in order to manufacture heat treatment furnaces for ferrous and non-ferrous industries. The company supplies high-tech heat treatment installations by providing innovative design and effective engineering, know-how, supervision during the plant erection and start-up, commissioning, operation and training.


The company’s wide range of products include aluminium melting/holding furnaces, furnaces & ovens for aluminium extrusion lines, aluminium foil/coil annealing furnaces, heat treatment lines, protective gas atmosphere furnaces, hardening & tempering furnaces, brazing furnaces, gas carburizing & nitriding furnaces, gas generators, aluminium ageing & solution heat treatment furnaces, aluminium log/billet heating furnace, continuous / batch type aluminium log homogenizing furnaces, die heating oven and special process furnaces & instrumentations.


The company is the leading brand in Turkey and exporting its products to various countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. The company is looking for commercial agencies that have knowledge of the industry.





TC007 was established in 1974 as a solution partner in the elevator industry. Since then the company has gained a reputable place in the industry and has become a leading brand in the local market. In addition to the elevator industry, the company is also active in construction, architect, R&D and metal industries.


TC007 provides elevator installation and engineering services, construction and project services, revision services and periodic maintenance services.


The company’s wide range of products include passenger lifts, freight lifts, disabled lifts, hydraulic lifts, panoramic elevators, dumb waiter – food lifts and patients – stretcher lifts.


TC007 pays special attention to R&D activities and invests on latest technologies in order to develop unique products to stand out from the crowd. As a result of investments in the field of R&D, the company has introduced its latest product which is a high security lift cage made of aluminium.


The company is looking for commercial agencies in order to introduce its innovative products to the European market.





TC008 was established in 1998 in order to provide engineering services. The company is focused on 3 main areas which are hydraulics, electro-mechanics and robotics, mechanics and automation.


Hydraulics: TC008 provides the following hydraulics services.

*Hydraulic products supply such as industrial hydraulic products, mobile hydraulic products, hydraulic hoses, flanges and fittings.

*Production and coding of cylinder systems.

*Hydraulic projects and applications such as planning, production stages (block, valve stand, unit), filtering systems, test systems (valve and cylinder tests), accumulator and stands


Electro-Mechanics and Robotics: The company provides parts processing/cutting, feed discharge, transport, packing/crating and palletizing services. Besides, the company provides economical and reliable turnkey solutions that meet customer demands fully with machine/line solutions created in line with customer demands and needs.


Mechanics and Automation: The company provides the following mechanical and automation products.

*Mechanical Products: Safety lock systems, silicone dosing systems, lubrication systems, power transmission systems (couplings, gears), reducers, linear motion and assembly systems.

*Automation Products: Hydraulic automation, pneumatic products, programmable logic controller (PLC) automation systems, servo motor, drive system and maintenance, etc.


TC008 is looking for commercial agencies.




TC009 was established in 1979 for the manufacture and coating of carbon and stainless steel pipes & fittings as well as production of polyethylene pipes & fittings. The company gained a good reputation in the local market so it became an authorized dealer of a well-known brand in Turkey.


The company’s range of products and services include spirally welded steel (carbon and stainless steel) pipes, pipe coatings and linings, thermally insulated (geothermal) pipes, high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes and fittings, steel pipes’ fittings, pipe end preparations, ductile cast iron pipes and fittings.


The company’s products are mostly used in water supply lines, drainage, construction, infrastructure, etc.


TC009 is looking for distributors that have knowledge of the industry.





TC010 was established in 1979 and it has successfully completed numerous corporate identity creation and modification projects. The company’s projects which started with products related to outdoor advertising continued with corporate identity products for companies with wide retail franchise/agent network in the areas of manufacturing, fuel oil trade, banking, automotive, durables, hotels, telecommunication and construction.


The company created numerous corporate identity projects both in Turkey and abroad. The company designed and developed indoor and outdoor product display stands and systems as well as prototypes.


The company has been providing corporate identity design, development and application services including measurement, survey, graphics design, production and mounting for many years.


TC010 is looking for trade intermediaries (representatives, agents).





TC011 is specialized in performing technical purchasing, project management, product file structuring, ISO/TS 16949 tools applications, consulting for quotation preparing, investment analysis and feasibility studies in automotive industry. The company also supports its customers by providing the following services;


-Developing LED lighting projects and products by presenting cost effective and the optimised lighting products.
-Various engineering activities such as machinery parts, tool design and procurement.

-R&D, patent, utility model, consultancy and management services on application process of patent and utility model.
-Case study based technical trainings and seminars which scopes technical and commercial problems encountered in the industry and business world.

-Materials requirement planning (MRP)/ enterprise resource planning (ERP) algorithms, structuring the algorithm between business systems, threads and fields on MRP/ERP implementation process.

-Engineering representation services, with qualified and experienced engineer staff that has high representative abilities in the international fairs and bilateral (customer-supplier) meetings.

-Commercial research and investigations to enhance international customer portfolio.
-Technical documentation and translation such as user manuals and maintenance manuals, quality assurance system documents, quality audit reports, academic articles and scientific reports.
-Industrial investment consultancy for foreign industrial investors, researches about Turkish market, investment feasibility studies and real estate services. 


TC011 is ready to provide various engineering, technical and commercial services under services agreement.





TC012 is one of the major manufacturer of anchor chains, mining chains, industrial  chains and their related accessories ranging from diameter 17.5 up to 81 mm  grade U2&U3 using the flash butt welding system.


The company’s wide range of products include anchor chains, Spek type anchor chains, Hall type anchor chains, high holding power (HHP) anchor chains, HHP ac14 anchor chains, delta anchor chains, kenter shackles, swivel shackles, swivel for arunners, anchor shackles, etc.


The company’s production has been ratified and certified by International Classification Societies. Besides, the company’s quality management system has been approved by the Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance and accordingly the company has been awarded with the related standard BS EN ISO 9002 : 1994 certificate. The company has also been assigned with NSN.


The company exports approximately 80 % of their products abroad to countries such as Germany, England and The Netherlands. The company is looking for commercial agencies that are active in related sector.



Contact person for all Companies:


Ms Yelda KANPARA  –

Mr Burak ÇAKIR –


Phone: +90 262 323 08 56