Kazakhstan Delegation Visited Kocaeli Chamber Of Industry

Kazakhstan Delegation Visited Kocaeli Chamber Of Industry A delegation from the Republic Of Kazakhstan’s government authorities visited Kocaeli Chamber Of Industry and got information about our province’s industry.
Atyrau Region Governor of The Republic Of Kazakhstan Mr. Baktıkoja Izmuhambetov, Kazakhstan’s Ankara Ambassador Mr. Canseyit Tüymebayev, Istanbul Consul General Mr. Arslan Dandybayev visited our province for improving the bilateral relations between the two countries.
KCI’s Assembly’s Chairman Mr. Hasan Tahsin Tugrul and Deputy Chairman Of The Board Mr. Ahmet Basaran welcomed the related delegation. A presentation about KCI and Kocaeli industry was presented by Deputy Secretary General Mr. Egemen Mert during the meeting in which Board Of Directors of Kocaeli Chamber Of Commerce members Mr. Fuat Biçici, Halit Kodal, KASIAD Chairman Of The Board A. Baki Karaman attended.