Qualified Human Resources

With its 171.714 workforce and an average of 8,8 % unemployment rate Kocaeli provides sufficient human resources that is able to meet the intermediate personal demand of enterprises that are planning to invest in the province. There are numerous profession high schools, craftsmanship centers and vocational schools that support this demand of the province.
The 2 universities in Kocaeli with their 50 thousand students and Scientific Research Centers play an important role in order to meet the demand for human resources. 7452 students graduated from the university in 2005. 211 students are ready to begin their professional career after finishing Gebze Institute of Technology. 32149 students from 43 technical vocational high schools in the province are trained to meet the demands of the industry’s intermediate personal. 
As seen in the figure below, the current distribution of qualified workforce shows that 54 % represent graduates from profession high schools, 25 % are university graduate and 14 % have completed vocational schools.
According to census figures from the year 2000, 25% of female, 67.3% of male labour is in regular, paid, daily employment. Within these gender groups furthermore, 0.6% of women and 2.9% of men operate as employers. From the same source we also learn the relative percentages in unsalaried family work: 68% of the female workforce, but only 9% of the male.
It will be noted that female employment in the agricultural sector appears disproportionately high, and understood that unpaid family work is especially widespread in this category. With regard to the male work-force, numbers appear much more concentrated in the manufacturing and service sectors.