General Situation
Several factors contribute to Kocaeli’s population expansion (averaging 2.7% annually): its proximity to Istanbul, its surpassing communications network, the boom in industrialisation. That these combine to facilitate the influx and establishment of an émigré majority may be seen in the present composition of the region’s populace, 75% of which originates from outside the province, attracted from all corners of the country but especially from the South and South-East. As one may suspect, the situation is not without its problems. Nevertheless, great effort is expended in securing peace and safety in the city.
As several inter-city routes pass through the town, (the E-6 Trans-European Motorway, the D-100 and D-130 national motorways), there is considerable traffic density where there is constant efforts to decrease the possible congestions. Works proceed on various measures designed to improve traffic flow, such as the construction of over- and under-passes and traffic signals on the two national routes, and the section-by-section transformation of the D-130 into a dual-carriageway.
Police Force

 Provincial Police Force Personnel, Station And Vehicle Status 

Number of Police Officers
Number of Police Stations
Number of Vehicles
20 449