TOBB Chicago Turkey Trade Center was introduced

17 September 2021

The Kocaeli Chamber of Industry (KCI) hosted the introductory meeting of the ‘TOBB Turkey Trade Center’ which was opened in Chicago at the beginning of this year by TOBB with the support of the Ministry of Commerce



This KSO organised event, ‘TOBB Chicago Turkey Trade Center Promotion Meeting’ was held in the conference hall of the chamber headquarters. President Ayhan Zeytinoğlu, Secretary General Memet Barış Turabi, Deputy Secretary General Egemen Mert and Business Development Specialist Dila Denizhan represented the KSO. The theme of the event was the presentation by TOBB Trade Centers General Manager, Mr. Noyan Ciritoğlu. At the meeting, where KSCI member companies showed interest, Mr. Ciritoğlu answered questions from the participants after sharing details of services provided by the center.